5 Ways To Create A Geometric Feature Wall

If you love the idea of creating an eye catching, mesmerising focal point in your home, then the addition of a feature wall that incorporates geometric shapes is a simple, but effective solution. All you really need is one fabulous feature wall in a space to make a statement and now there are so many ways to achieve a unique look. While taking on a modern flavour, many homeowners are drawing inspiration from interior design techniques that were popular in the 20th century. Here are 5 different ways to create a geometric feature wall.

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Feature Tiles: 5 Faqs Answered

Tiles are making a big comeback in many home remodels and they’re not just featuring in the kitchen and the bathroom. From hallways to laundries to ensuites, many homeowners are turning to feature tiles to create a stylistic imprint that few design elements can achieve.

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Creating The Perfect Master Ensuite

With more homeowners choosing to renovate to suit their lifestyles rather than move houses, one area getting a lot of attention is the master ensuite. What better way to improve your personal living space, especially in households with kids, than to update a bedroom to include a luxurious master ensuite? Today we explore a few ways to create the perfect functional master ensuite where it’s large enough to relax in and still easy to clean.

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Making Your Home Comfortable In Retirement

As life expectancy increases many Australians are wanting to stay in their own homes for as long as possible; allowing them to remain close to their local community and family. If this is a choice you’re considering, it’s important to remember that changes may be required to your home to ensure your comfort and safety as the years go by.

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5 Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger Than It Is

s your bathroom a little size impaired? Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a larger master bathroom but a teeny tiny ensuite? Most people have had a small bathroom at some point in their lives and they’ll attest that a smaller room can pose a real challenge when it comes to making the room feel bigger than it is.

While there are times that you can physically extend the space, that is certainly not always the case and for many, the dream of a spacious bathroom is just not feasible for the size and layout of their home.

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To Frame Or Not To Frame? How Do You Like Your Shower?

When it comes to bathroom renovations, one of the most important decisions you’ll face in terms of the look and feel of the room is the type of shower screen you choose.

We’re very lucky that the age of mustard brown glass are well and truly behind us and you’ve got some great new options to choose from.

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How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Space

You might think that when it comes to renovating your small kitchen or bathroom that your options are limited. However, in truth, a small space allows you to become as creative as you like and gives you room to move in terms of the design elements you use, which may look out of place in a larger room.
Here are some unique ways to help inspire your next small bathroom or kitchen renovation and get the most out of the small space.

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Future Proof Your Bathroom Without Sacrificing Style

There’s no doubt that investing in a bathroom renovation will add value to your home. However the design and style of your bathroom really needs to stand the test of time, particularly if you plan on selling your home or growing your family.

Once the renovation is over, you’ll be living with the final result for some time to come, so spend time thinking about how you envisage your future bathroom and if it will suit your style, design and colour palette into the future.

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