Laundry Renovations

A well laid out and functional laundry is a massively underappreciated part of your home. At Nu-Look we combine our kitchen and bathroom renovation expertise and experience to create a laundry space that quite simply makes your life a little easier.

While kitchen and bathrooms are our speciality, laundry renovations are where our skills in both these areas really come together. Keeping in mind that your laundry must be functional, we can help you maximise the use of space by providing innovative solutions.

Laundries are an area of the house that are often overlooked and aesthetics are really the last thing on your mind when you think about the space. However, a well laid out laundry with plenty of practical storage space really make a difference to the function of this underappreciated room.

Renovating a laundry combines some of the aspects of both a kitchen and a bathroom renovation, like waterproofing, cabinetry and tiling but generally are smaller and less time consuming.

We can talk you through designing your laundry to ensure you get the most out of your space and walk you through the rest of the process in the same way as any other renovation.