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What’s the plan Stan?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Well here we are a few weeks into the renovation of the Hackett house and oh boy has it been a mixture of fun (sledge hammers are FUN!) and bloody hard work (LONG days and really physical work).

It seemed like a great time to give you a sneak peak at what we have in mind for the house over the coming months. As you can see from the photos below, we've basically gutted the whole house so we can change the layout to create more functional spaces.

As we mentioned in the first installment, the house has undergone several renovations and extensions in it's life, leading it to look pretty cobbled together. By gutting the house we're able to solve a lot of the problems this created and the result will be a much more coherent space.

Here's the floor plan when the owners purchased the house...

So what's the plan Stan?

Upstairs - we will be creating a dedicated space for the master bedroom with a master ensuite, walk in robe & separate study. This will lead the space to be a brilliant parents retreat!

Downstairs - this is where MAJOR changes are happening!

We will be...

  • - Creating a retreat area by knocking down a wall between two rooms
  • - Improving the living space, particularly around the kitchen and family living room with butler’s pantry which involves knocking down a couple of walls and installing a structural steel beam to support everything
  • - Increasing the bathroom spaces by reclaiming or combining spaces
  • - Creating spaces for new double glazed windows including a large sliding door and a full height window in the new living space to let in much more natural light (something that the house was sorely lacking)

And now.... here are the updated house plans showing the new layout we have planned!

Here are some photos from this weeks work.


Ahhh has Cyclone Matt come through_ Side wall demolished to make way for sliding doorsMaster Bedroom - gutted
New frames have been built for the kitchen and entrance to loungeWalls removed between toilet and bathroom 1 make it one combined space
Walls removed to make way for the retreatWindows removed upstaire to make way for new ones

Next week we'll be sharing the work we've been doing with reconcreting and installing the new windows.

If you or your friends/family are thinking of purchasing a professionally renovated home and think this house might just be the right fit, feel free to click the button below and leave your details so when the time comes for the owners to sell, you can be among the first to know about it.