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So it begins....

Friday, October 13, 2017

We're two weeks into the renovation of the Hackett house and it's been all hands on deck with every single member of the Nu Look team, as well as our mates at Elite Constructions getting their hands dirty.

Matt discussing with the engineer structural beam requirements   Our mates from Elite Construction removing the neighbouring fence  

Sometimes it takes months to plan and decide exactly what you're going to do with a renovation, especially when you're dealing with a whole house! Ideas are hashed out and solid plan is in place before any of the physical work happens.


You've just got to jump in head first and strip the place out so you know where you stand. That's exactly what we've been doing! Ripping out walls, floors and the ceiling to really decide what could be done and what HAD to be done.

What a couple of weeks it's been!

What have we been up to so far?

Gutting - the whole house has been completely gutted to give us a clean canvas to work with. The walls and floors weren't in great condition so we decided to rip them up, see what was hiding behind them and make it easier to redo the plumbing and electrical work when the time comes so it's all up to code.

Hackett Reno Gutted bathroom

Uncovering and discovering - as the house was built low to the ground underparts of the house were inaccessible. It was only after we started clearing that we uncovered old and damaged sewerage and storm pipes (including terracotta pipes!) which will all be replaced.

Hackett Reno  Kitchen gone

Demolition - down came the garden shed and the carport which will be replaced with more modern options later in the renovation.

Hackett Reno Demolishing the shed

Earthworks - we've been working to turn the front and back yards into more usable spaces which meant undertaking extensive earthworks on the whole block.

Hackett Reno Excavator makes light work in levelling the backyard

Out with the old - gone is the uneven driveway that looked terrible and really aged the house, along with safely removing the asbestos in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, eaves of the house & garden shed **remember that asbestos removal is not a DIY job - you need a qualified professional to complete this task**

Hackett Reno Seeing through the house

Next week we'll be sharing exactly what we've got planned for this house including plans for the house before and after the renovation.