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It's full steam ahead!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nu-Look Team

What a whirlwind few weeks it's been at the Hackett house! With Christmas just around the corner, the whole team are giving their all to get as much done on the house before the weather heats up and everyone is ready to have a bit of a break.

The house will soon start looking a bit more like a house rather than a house shaped construction area and we can't wait to show it to you!

Nu Look Team
The Nu-Look Team

So what exactly has been happening the past couple of weeks?

Internal Work

The focus inside has mostly been on doing things you won't see when the house is done but are SO important because once the walls, floor and ceilings are all done, it's going to be REALLY hard to get back in and redo things. That means we've been doing a lot of planning and organising to make sure everything gets done.

Electrical work

Matt was just a bit thrilled to get back to his first love - electrical work! He loves thinking it all through, considering the space and how it's going to be used, then implementing the electrical to bring the space to life.

That's a neat switchboard - Matt getting back to his trade
That's a neat switchboard - Matt getting back to his trade

Ducting of reverse cycle a/c

With Canberra's fabulous temperature variations, we wanted to make sure the house would be cool in summer and warm in winter (more about that later too!) so we're installing and ducting 2 reverse cycle air conditioners in the house.

Plumbing the bathrooms

With the new bathrooms all planned out it was time to get the plumbing foundations in place ready for the next stage.

Insulation and sheeting of walls and ceilings

This was when the house really started to come together! Not only is the house no longer see through 😃 It's got that wonderful clean slate feel we love so much because it means we can start doing what we're so great at - creating spaces that the new owner will just LOVE.

Main Bedroom 1   R2 - Retreat space (After)  
Main Bedroom 1                                                       Main Bedroom 2

Main Bedroom 3  
Main Bedroom 3

Windows installed & bricked up

You won't believe the difference it's made to the feel of the interior of the house. The extra light and the airiness it creates is remarkable.

Front 1   Front 2  
Front 1                                                       Front 2

Front 3  
Front 3

External Work

So much is happening outside too. The scaffolding around the house alone is a sight for passers by!


As we mentioned above, we're ducting air conditioners inside the house, but to help them work more efficiently and keep the house at an even temperature without needing to use them as much, we've added a blanket of foam cladding too.

Back 1   Back 2  
Back 1                                                       Back 2

Back 3  
Back 3

Gutters and roof

The gutters were installed and the roof can finally go back on. We were lucky enough to have pretty good weather while parts were off so I think we're all breathing a sigh of relief that it's back in place before any real rain happened.

Roof   Roof  
Roof                                                             Roof

Roof   Roof  
Roof                                                             Roof

Rendering begins

Once the insulation was in place it was time for our team of renderers to come in and over up the exterior of the house. Even we were shocked how much of a difference this made to the street appeal of the house.

Side 1   Side 2  
Side 1                                                       Side 2

Side 3  
Side 3

Here are some other photos from this weeks work.


Kitchen 1Kitchen 2
Kitchen 3Retreat

If you or your friends/family are thinking of purchasing a professionally renovated home and think this house might just be the right fit, feel free to click the button below and leave your details so when the time comes for the owners to sell, you can be among the first to know about it.

Next week we'll be sharing all facade of the house - get ready to be WOWED!!