How To Get The Most Out Of A Small Space

You might think that when it comes to renovating your small kitchen or bathroom that your options are limited. However, in truth, a small space allows you to become as creative as you like and gives you room to move in terms of the design elements you use, which may look out of place in a larger room.
Here are some unique ways to help inspire your next small bathroom or kitchen renovation and get the most out of the small space.

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Future Proof Your Bathroom Without Sacrificing Style

There’s no doubt that investing in a bathroom renovation will add value to your home. However the design and style of your bathroom really needs to stand the test of time, particularly if you plan on selling your home or growing your family.

Once the renovation is over, you’ll be living with the final result for some time to come, so spend time thinking about how you envisage your future bathroom and if it will suit your style, design and colour palette into the future.

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Three Smart Ways to Save On Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations can be among the most costly house improvement projects. However, given they also yield some of the highest returns on sales, they can be well worth your time, effort, and money.

During a bathroom renovation there will be times when you may need to spend money on higher quality products; however you might be happy to know that making money-saving choices won’t always mean sacrificing quality.

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Incorporating Glass To Brighten Your Home

One of the great things about glass is that it is incredibly versatile and can be used in so many different areas of your home to create a unique style.

Today we’re looking at two key rooms where you can easily utilise glass to brighten your home and improve atmosphere.

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Top Tips For Creating Space Or Just The Illusion Of It

Whether you have a big or small space to renovate its very easy to get it wrong by trying to do too much. It’s as much about creating a feeling of space as actually having it. So here are a few tips for bathroom and kitchen renovations that we’ve discovered in our many years of working in homes just like yours.

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