You Can Have It Both! A Modern Country Kitchen

With aesthetic tastes changing, many homeowners are choosing to renovate their kitchens to suit their more modern lifestyle. However that doesn’t mean you have to do away with all hints of charm and character. In recent years there has been a resurgence in the demand for country style kitchens with a modern touch.

Here are Nu-Look’s top 5 ways to remodel for a modern country kitchen.


Designed as a family gathering place, modern country kitchens should be built so that they are warm and inviting, like their traditional counterparts. What better way for people to connect than around an island bench? Meeting all the modern requirements of style, functionality and efficiency, island benches are a must have for a remodelled modern country kitchen. They can also become a great centerpiece for the kitchen when entertaining. There are so many options on the market now for island benches and all cater for the multipurpose nature of island benches, for food preparation or as a table when you have guests over.


The subway tile or glazed white ceramic tiles are a popular feature of many modern Scandinavian kitchens. You can borrow from this look for a modern country kitchen provided that you introduce some country elements like open shelving so you can show off your collection of teacups or pottery or timber in different parts of the room. Like all choices for your kitchen remodel, you need to think of the resale value when selecting your tiles. For many modern buyers, hand painted tiles can be a real hit or miss as it can look too traditional and not appeal to younger buyers. Fortunately you will have no troubles with white tiles that can work as a great base so that you can experiment with other features of your kitchen to bring that country flavour.


Many “traditional” country kitchens can tend to be heavy on the use of timber which many people get turned off by thanks to some overwhelming designs of the 80’s and 90’s but this doesn’t have to be the case. Teaming beautifully finished timber with a more modern white or neutral palette gives you the best of both worlds and the style statement you are looking for. Consider adding timber benchtops combined with white or timber cabinets with a benchtop using more modern materials. Alternatively, retaining wooden floorboards that are so characteristic of traditional country kitchens should always be considered. At the end of the day it’s about not throwing the baby out with the bathwater- where keeping some wooden accents will give you that touch of country glamour.


While a traditional country kitchen celebrates ornamentation and decoration and even handcrafted finishes, a modern take prefers to keep the patterns simple. That doesn’t mean you’re only option is flat panels though, you can still have character and charm with your cabinets without going all out with the patterns, just choose a style that adds a hint of character but doesn’t overwhelm.

It’s all about moderation and not having one aesthetic dominate the look and feel of your kitchen. If you have a combined dining and kitchen area, go easy on the florals for fabrics. When it comes to choosing splashbacks, choose simple over patterned tiles and stay away from open shelves that introduce visual clutter unless you’re prepared to keep it tidy. Modern kitchens are all about their simplicity.


Modern kitchens are typically equipped with stainless steel appliances, and while there are endless options for fixtures like taps and basins they are all similar in their clean lines. Not so with a country kitchen, it’s all about those unique pieces that add charm and character. Whether it’s adding bronze taps and farmhouse style basins or standalone cookers that recreate the country kitchen feel, your kitchen doesn’t have to look bland and sterile. The great news is that when designing a modern country kitchen, you don’t have to stick to a rigid template. A country kitchen whether traditional or modern is all about reflecting your individual tastes and preferences so that a homely and welcoming feel is created.

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