When A Bathroom Renovation Is A Need Rather Than A Want

Many people love the idea of updating or modernising their bathroom to create a nicer space, however occasionally there will be things in your bathroom that mean a renovation stops being just a nice idea and borders on becoming a necessity. Today we look at when a bathroom renovation is a need rather than a want.


Apart from looking very unpleasant and quite frankly being dangerous, tiles falling off the walls can be a sure sign to undertake a more significant renovation. Ceramic tiles around the bathtub and shower require routine care as excess water can over time penetrate behind the tile and break down the tile adhesives. Sometimes if an inappropriate waterproofing product has been applied or tiles have been incorrectly laid the result is a hollow and ‘drummy’ sound when tapped on. There’s no point repairing at this stage, the best thing to do is to have the walls retiled properly including the redoing the waterproofing so you won’t run into the same problems again!


Any wet area of a house especially a bathroom can lead to rising damp in adjoining rooms and is usually most obvious on the base of walls. In older homes, there was no attempt at waterproofing so moisture can pass through freely from room to room and therefore adjoining rooms to the bathroom are more susceptible to rising damp. Not only does it destroy the comfort of a home, rising damp creates a musty smell and can cause asthma and allergies. There are many changes you can make to a remodelled bathroom to prevent rising damp in adjoining rooms, the most obvious is to waterproof your bathroom to prevent water leaking into your floor and wall spaces. You can also update any old plumbing so that the leaks caused by corroded or failing pipes concealed in walls are resolved. It’s also an opportune time to ensure proper sealing of baths and showers to remove the risk of dampness in a localised area.


The main bathroom is one room in a house that is exposed to much foot traffic and is more vulnerable to loose or broken tiles. If you are looking to re-tile your bathroom floor, porcelain tiles lead the way in providing both durability and resist the effects of humidity much better than natural stone. With advanced digital technology, you can simulate a timber, stone or polished concrete look if you are after a different aesthetic


Mould just loves to gravitate in damp and areas exposed to heat and that is why it can become a growing nuisance for homeowners in the bathroom, especially during the Winter months. Besides looking unpleasant, mould can have significant impacts on your health if not properly dealt with. While it’s tempting to apply a band aid solution, if you get to the root of the issue which is often poor ventilation and lighting, your bathroom will be in a much better state to prevent mould from appearing. Some simple additions to a remodelled bathroom would include adding an overhead window near the shower to improve the ventilation as well as achieving better lighting with the added benefit of maintaining privacy. Finally to whisk away bad odours and minimise condensation, install an energy efficient exhaust fan to draw out moisture content and in doing so improve indoor air quality.



Older style bathrooms are notorious for their lack of storage however as many home renovators are finding out, remodelling your bathroom so that the layout provides for extra storage is easily achievable. There are a host of clever options for functional storage in an updated bathroom. Whereas older bathrooms tend to have a standalone vanity basin, many bathroom vanities on the market come with the basin and offer great storage space with either open shelving or cabinet drawers underneath. Recessed shaving cabinets with mirrors are also very popular as they offer that extra space for everyday bathroom essentials and keep a space organised without compromising on style. They can also help make a smaller bathroom space feel a lot bigger too.

At Nu-Look Renovations we know what a difference a renovation can do to a tired, old and no longer functional bathroom. We are happy to discuss various layout plans and some of the fixtures on the market that will breathe new life into your bathroom. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.


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