Turn A Functional Bathroom Into A Place Of Retreat

Would you like somewhere to retreat and wind down at the end of a long, stressful day? Rather than just having a purely functional space, many homeowners are creating a bathroom retreat for themselves. Achieving the ambience you desire is all about looking at the elements and combining them in just the right way. Here are Nu Look’s top 7 tips for creating a bathroom to help you relax and unwind.


A great way of adding the ‘wow’ and ‘bliss’ factor to a bathroom is by adding features that connect with nature. One way is to install a window above the bathtub that opens up to a garden view. If you are unable to add windows or if you don’t have a garden view to enjoy, you can always use houseplants to bring nature indoors. An inexpensive option, bringing plants into the bathroom will create a more organic and natural space and keeps it from looking too sterile and uninviting.

Why stop with greenery? There are now plenty of options with shower heads to create the illusion of a waterfall in your bathroom. You can even choose a wall-mounted panel shower to give you the ultimate massaging shower experience. While in the shower, consider using a double shower and oversized shower heads. Nothing says luxury like a double shower head.


Introducing a standalone bathtub is not just about bringing a timeless appeal to your bathroom, it also encourages prolonged relaxation especially if you surround your bath with candles. There is nothing quite like refreshing soak in a luxurious bathtub after a long day. Practically speaking, the time taken in the installation is less than an inbuilt bath hob combination. While freestanding bathtubs are a style statement, they are becoming more accessible these days with price tags more affordable than ever before.


Creating a bathroom retreat is all about spending the money where it counts. Look to add features that give your bathroom that extra touch of elegance and luxury.

If you have space, why not go with a large vanity with a double basin? A practical option for both couples and families, large vanities ensures that your bathroom can cater for the traffic it sees – just make sure that you don’t sacrifice too much countertop space.

For many, the key to feeling relaxed and able to de-stress is being surrounded by a clean and open space. It’s all about reducing visual clutter and that means having a lot of storage space to place unused towels, face washers and toiletries. Look for cabinetry that is floor to ceiling to maximize your storage space. Mirrored cabinets will also add more lighting to your bathroom sanctuary, giving the impression of a broader and more open space.


To create a space that is soothing, stick to a neutral palette or pastels when remodeling your bathroom. Where neutral and earthy tones gives the space an organic feel, using pastels like pale blue provides accents to a space that keeps it from feeling too bland.

The materials you choose will make a significant contribution to achieving a relaxed feel. Choosing a mixture of textiles, such as natural woods and ceramics, ensures that your bathroom retreat is both calming and sophisticated.

Finally, nothing can create the right mood like the proper lighting. When in doubt, choose natural lighting and amplify if necessary through the correct size and positioning of mirrors. One way to maximize the natural lighting is through choosing mirrored cabinets that are both stylish and offer some concealed storage space.


The visibility of a toilet in a bathroom retreat can disrupt the relaxing feel of a space. Separating the bathroom from the toilet makes sense with benefits including greater privacy, hygiene and improved access. For improved bathroom traffic flow, include a vanity basin next to the toilet so access to the bathroom is unnecessary. At the end of the day, separating the toilet and adding a basin in a room adjacent to the bathroom is like creating a second bathroom, although much less expensive.


For a luxury bathroom that is not rough around the edges, you need to pay attention to fine details. Adopting clean lines in your furnishings and materials will achieve a simple yet polished look. Some things to consider are, choose window coverings that allow privacy but still look sleek and let in light, making sure that all the grout lines match up and are neatly completed throughout the whole room, checking that paintwork is professionally finished in the corners especially and even choosing drains that complement the look and feel of the space.

When looking at cabinetry, we love the Shadowline cabinetry range as it’s sleek and can help create a modern and contemporary look for your bathroom retreat. Without any ornate or fine detail, the flat streamlined look of shadowline cabinets gives you a clean lined bathroom that you can relax in.


While it is easy to focus on standout features of a bathroom retreat, it’s the finishing touches that can turn an average bathroom to a decadent one. This includes topping off with some shiny chrome accessories for taps, towel rails, soap holders and toilet roll holders so that they add extra sparkle. If you are worried about your budget, the market is now flooded with taps and other fittings that have the designer look without the price tag so you will be able to find what you are looking for within your price range – just be sure to check that everything meets Australian standards before purchasin

Bathroom Retreats


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