Three Smart Ways to Save On Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations can be among the most costly house improvement projects. However, given they also yield some of the highest returns on sales, they can be well worth your time, effort, and money. 

During a bathroom renovation there will be times when you may need to spend money on higher quality products; however you might be happy to know that making money-saving choices won’t always mean sacrificing quality. 

With that in mind, here are three smart ways to save on your bathroom renovation. 

1. Do Simple Installations Yourself, But Know When To Use A Professional

Avid DIYers will be raring to go when it comes to a new bathroom renovation project; however ask your bathroom renovator which tasks can be done yourself and which tasks require a professional before jumping head first into your project. 
A home handyman might focus on installing the simpler bathroom fixtures, fittings and accessories to see a savings in the overall renovation. Think along the lines of towel rails, soap dishes, and toilet roll holders. 
But keep in mind that your renovator is a professional for a reason – they know what needs to be done to get the job finished on time and to minimise any potential serious problems. 

2. Shop Around For Prices On Big Ticket Items, But Ask Your Renovator For Deals

Whether you’re going for a beach, classic, or designer theme, shop around for prices on the big bathroom items, such as your basin, bath, and vanity. The volume of colours, textures, and materials available can seem overwhelming, but the prices can lead you in the right direction. 
For example, if recycled stone is cheaper than traditional stone but has a lower price and similar look, you may choose to go with the recycled to save money without sacrificing beauty. 
Another tip: when you’ve found the look of your dreams, ask your renovator if they know where you can get the items at sale price, or if there is a like product available for a lower cost. 

3. Roll Up Your Sleeves And Get Busy, But Don’t Go Overboard

Even if you’re planning to have a bathroom renovator come in and do a bulk of your project, you can get the ball rolling – and save money – by removing tiles, vanities, fixtures, and accessories that you are planning to replace. Proceed with caution however and ensure that you switch off all plumbing going into your bathroom. Saving money is part of your overall plan, not spending more if you accidentally snag a pipe in the process. 
Discuss the labour versus supply costs with your renovator to determine if doing preparatory work yourself will see an actual savings. 
The transformational process of a bathroom renovation can completely change the look of the space while adding huge value to your home. Whether you plan on living in your home for years to come or selling it for profit, saving money on a bathroom renovation with the these tips is simple! 
Doing some more research? Discover some of the most common issues you might encounter during a bathroom renovation. At Nu-Look we strive to get these problems right the first time! Give us a call to discuss your upcoming bathroom renovation today: 02 6171 0524.


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