Modern Ways To Adopt A Pastel Palette In Your Kitchen

Too much colour in a kitchen can become overpowering but only using a neutral colour palette can easily become too bland so how do you find a happy medium? Pastels are a clever decorating tool to give your kitchen subtle colour while at the same time enhancing natural light. Not just for nurseries or for channeling the 1950s look, a pastel palette can look sophisticated and is often less confronting than bold hues. So how do you style your kitchen with a splash of pastel to bring out the best in your interiors? That’s what we will be exploring today.


Pastels are proving to not just be another passing fad and perhaps one of the best ways to use them is by selecting one element that will use the hue. You can go all out and opt for a pastel colour for your cabinetry to create an instantaneous dreamy feel. This style choice is often teamed with metallic accessories and faucets to keep the kitchen from feeling too childlike. Alternatively a glass splashback in a pastel hue will not fail to impress in an otherwise neutral or monochromatic space. If you still want predominately natural materials and neutral colours in your kitchen, then consider hanging oversized metal pendants in your favourite shade of pastel over a statement island bench.



Since kitchens are busy places they can benefit from relaxing hues. Colour blocking is a simple way to introduce pastel to an all-white or neutral kitchen. Consider painting a feature wall in your favourite pastel and using the same colour for your accents to tie the scheme together. If you cannot commit to the same colour, then by using multiple shades of the same pastel can layer your space and avoid clashing pastels. This can be achieved by applying up to 3 different shades of the same pastel to block sections of your kitchen, whether through cabinets, accessories or fixtures, helping to pull together the colour scheme and avoid it looking too disjointed and chaotic. If you want to add more visual interest to your kitchen, opt for textures like marble countertops or tiled floors.


You can easily inject a pop of colour through the form of pastel appliances while still maintaining a soft and muted aesthetic. There is almost every colour of the rainbow for your fridge, stove and oven with more variety to select from for blenders, toasters,stand mixers and other small appliances. When paired with hints of grey and pale wood finishes, this combination can give a fresh Scandi look. Adding colour in unexpected places is also a great way of bringing some life into a kitchen. For something more subtle, consider the sides of a kitchen island, or a fresh coat of paint for the ceiling in a soft baby blue can create a floaty feel that’s just a little bit different. Open shelving can not only make a kitchen feel more brighter and welcoming, it can also display your stylish pastel tableware that can become a focal point for the room.


Kitchen furniture is so versatile these days, coming in many shapes, sizes and most of all colours! Ideal if you are looking to create a country kitchen and open living space, pastels can give your kitchen that fresh and homely feel. More homeowners are becoming interested in adding their personal touch to their kitchen and are moving away from a mass manufactured and minimalistic look. By adding some pastel bar stools or dining room chairs, you can bring some designer style to the heart of your home but also keeping it lively at the same time.


Modern Ways to Adopt a Pastel Palette in Your Kitchen


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