Love It Or Loathe It? 2016 Trends In Kitchen And Bathroom Designs

Subtle textures, ceramic tiles and metals, 2016 is all about classic and timeless style so you don’t have to keep reinventing your kitchen and bathroom.


In this digital age, it’s so easy to access information and global trends in home renovations. With so many trends to follow, along with the home renovation TV shows like The Block or House Rules, and enough ideas in your magazine subscription to Better Homes & Gardens to renovate your kitchen and bathroom ten times over – how do you know what will look right for 2016 and also endure for years to come?

Here are some top 2016 trends and tips for you to consider so you don’t regret your stylistic choice.


Just about everyone likes the idea of textures, but are they practical? It can be hard to blend seamlessly between textured and smooth surfaces and furniture but it’s not impossible! With the help of an experienced team with an eye for design you can ensure the look is just right.

There are a number of approaches you can take when introducing textures to your bathroom. For starters, you can use patterns or designs that have the appearance of being textured but are actually smooth surfaces. You can also try creating a “strip feature” which is a great way to add texture in a small area such as in the shower, without the texture dominating the whole room. Look below and not above by introducing floor tiles or even a pebbled floor with its organic look and feel.

Another way of arriving at a textured look in the bathroom is through introducing stylish stand out pieces. Try introducing a natural stone vanity basin or why not go all out in glamour and include a marble bathtub if you are into luxury features.

Gone are the glossy kitchens of 2015. 2016 is now all about the serenity and homely feel. Think white tiling, exposed timber and a touch of greenery (say hello to indoor plants) to create a welcoming feel to any family home. Due to its white palette with touches of timber, the kitchen can be both a warm and classic feature of your house that doesn’t date and you don’t have to break the budget to achieve.


Fridges, stoves and ovens are taking center stage in many modern kitchens – with a trend that won’t go away anytime soon being stainless steel appliances. For the more daring, stainless steel is getting mixed with copper, gold and brass features such as taps in the sink basin, a splashback or a pendant light. For an affordable way to quickly introduce metallic elements to your kitchen without remodeling, try some copper-coloured dining chairs or bar stools that will give your kitchen that unique touch it needs.

Equally attractive in a bathroom setting, corrugated metal can give a modern and chic look to a shower. Again if you don’t want to reinvent the whole bathroom, introducing metallic fixtures and accessories can give you the best bang for your buck when revitalising the space. Try a copper round basin with matching taps or a free standing solid brass bathtub with matching bathroom faucet. If you don’t want to take the full leap with metallic fixtures a simple, cost effective solution is to use metallic accessories throughout the room like soap dispensers and mirrors.

Will this metallic trend stick around? Who knows, but our advice is to keep it simple and allow yourself the flexibility to make easy changes later down the track if you need to.


Say goodbye to the chunky and hello to barely there benchtops. How slim should you go for benchtops in the kitchen? Our experts say the thinner the better. Since they are lightweight, they are easier to handle with the added bonus of being better priced. Benchtops, thanks to advanced technology are now available in slabs as thin as 13mm. This style has been slowly snowballing into to 2016 and it fits in with other trends such as smaller details and letting the texture of each material do the talking.

What do we think? These thinner benchtops look fabulous so are definitely worth looking at, but as always, remember to look at them in the context of the look and feel of the whole room and the rest of your home.


Don’t be scared of being stuck in the seventies – you can still go geometric with a cool, pastel colour palate. Think geometric-tiled splashbacks in the kitchen or on the bathroom floor. Utilising lighter colours makes the space feel light and fresh. For others, using a few geometric tiles of assorting shapes can create that spark that has been missing. Choose from hexagonal tiles and experiment with a range of colours if you are feeling bold, to create a kitchen that gives the wow factor and plenty of reasons to host a dinner party!

Be careful though as it is easy to go overboard with geometric. Why spoil a good thing? The best approach to introducing geometric patterns in either the kitchen or bathroom is to mix and match but stick to the same colour palate to blend. Less is more when it comes to the geometric look, where blending bold patterns with neutral pieces gives a stunning makeover to any average kitchen or bathroom.

What do we think? Geometrics have the potential to add something a bit different and special to your renovation but we suggest using them in moderation to really make them pop and avoid the room feeling overwhelming.

So there you have it, 4 trends that are on the rise in 2016. What do you think? Would you like to see any of them in your next renovation? Get in touch today for a free consultation and quote to discuss your ideas with our expert team and see how Nu Look Renovations can help bring your ideas to life.

Want to see more great examples of these trends in action? View our Houzz Ideabook now.


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