How to choose the perfect sink for your kitchen

It’s a part of the kitchen that doesn’t usually get a lot of thought but with so many options on the market these days you really can choose the perfect sink to suit your kitchen design, usage and look.

Today we’re looking at a few of the more popular choices for you to consider.


Stainless Steel

This is the type of kitchen sink that you’re most used to seeing. It’s estimated that around 80% of all sinks are stainless steel.


  • It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other options (but bear in mind there are some expensive stainless steel options out there too)
  • Available in a range of styles including undermount and top mount which gives you options
  • Excellent stain resistance


An older material used in sinks but still remarkably popular today.


  • bright glossy enamel finish
  • porcelain coating is resistant to scratches
  • Coating is very hard and will withstand day to day use in a family kitchen
  • Easy to clean and the coating means that water spots don’t show as easily so it looks great
  • Can be purchased in a range of colours to complement your space


These types of sinks are relatively new to the market and look great in modern kitchens


  • made by combining a resin with crushed granite or quartz
  • look of real granite or quartz without the price tag
  • tough and resistant to stains and scratching
  • Some manufacturers claim composite sinks are the toughest on the market


So you’ve got an idea what material you’d like to use for your sink, now you need to think about the style that will best suit your kitchen. Here are some of the options to think about.

Single Bowl

Unsurprisingly, this style has just the one bowl. If you have limited space this is the perfect option for you. The options within this style are surprisingly vast – you can choose from smaller single bowls if you’re really short on space, or go for a single bowl the same size as a double that makes cleaning larger items much simpler. Single bowls are also usually a cheaper option which is a big consideration if you don’t really need two bowls.

Double Bowl

This style has been the most popular over the last 2 decades because it offers the flexibility of being able to utilise separate spaces. Within this style you have some choices on the layout including 2 same size sinks, one big/one small and different depths.

Top Mount

As the name suggests this style is mounted on top of your bench with the body dropping through a cavity cut in the benchtop. They have a lip or rim to hold the sink in place. This is the most popular style of sink for those being very aware of budget because they are relatively simple to install and don’t usually require any additional support.


If you’re looking for a more traditional or old school sink, you can’t look past the farmhouse style. The main characteristic of this style is that the front of the sink replaces part of the bench. This style usually has just one deep bowl however double bowls are available from some manufacturers. Something to bear in mind with this style is that it is more challenging to install and generally costs more to purchase.


With this style the sink is essentially glued to the underside of the benchtop. With stainless steel that is usually all that is necessary but with heavier materials an additional support system is necessary. Because of this installation, it is usually more expensive. This style does create a modern look with no lip or rim which reduces the amount of places for debris to accumulate.

Before making a final choice on your material and colour it’s really worth taking the time to think about how you use your kitchen and the type of sink that will complement your style.

Not sure which way to go? We’re experts at evaluating your situation and providing experienced advice to help you make informed decisions. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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