How To Achieve A Stylish Two Tone Look In Your Kitchen

Not sold on the idea of a pure white kitchen? Whether you’re looking to create a traditional or modern styled kitchen – a two toned look can add interest and turn a potentially stark kitchen into a unique one. Here are five key principles you should keep in mind when renovating your kitchen with a two toned look.


Kitchens can very easily become the centre of activity and so need to reflect your style and personality. While an all-white kitchen is a classic and timeless choice, it doesn’t suit everyone. Luckily adding a pop of colour doesn’t have to mean losing the airy and spacious feel that it brings.

Two toned kitchens work well for both modern and traditional styled kitchens, however you need to first address what type of atmosphere you are trying to create as this will greatly influence the choice of colours you go with. A neutral palette like white, beiges, greys and black can create a clean a dynamic yet restful space. Alternatively bold colours can be appealing and energise a kitchen without being overpowering.


When people talk of a two toned kitchen they instantly start discussing the possibilities of using dual colours for kitchen cabinets. While this is one way of implementing a two toned look, the design choices are limitless and extend beyond the colour of your cabinets.

A two toned kitchen can be achieved through keeping your kitchen cabinets all one neutral colour and adding a pop of colour for your island bench or fixtures like light shades and window sills. Alternatively, you may achieve a two toned look by using an alternative colour for your walls, splashback or eye catching finishes.


When redesigning a kitchen it‘s easy to fall into the trap of focusing too much on the appliances, cabinetry and countertops without taking into consideration other features of a room that can play a significant impact on the aesthetics of a kitchen. The amount of light available, a kitchen’s size and the choice of flooring all play a unique role in creating the look and feel of a space. Colours should be chosen based on these predetermined features so that you’re two toned look doesn’t clash or lose the desired outcome you are looking for.


While there’s lots of flexibility available when choosing a two toned look for your kitchen you need to always consider that your choice of colours and accents creates balance and harmony. If you decide to choose one bright colour like electric red or vivid blue combine it with neutral accents so that the colour is not over dominating and distracting.

For a contemporary and sleek look stick to neutral tone combinations like white, beiges, greys and black. Using a number of different combinations, a neutral palette still allows you to create a one of a kind look without taking too many risks with the overall aesthetics. There are known colour combinations that work consistently well for balance and never date like grey and white or the bold black and white styled kitchen. Alternatively an earth toned kitchen where timber is a predominant feature is both warm and modern.


While some of us love colour, like most things in life and especially in a kitchen the principle of ‘all things in moderation’ is key. It is very popular to offset a bold colour with white as it goes with practically everything making it a safe secondary colour choice. It is quite popular to choose all white for top cabinets and then choose colour for lower cabinets to anchor the room in colour. Particularly if you choose a white spashback, choosing white for your upper cabinets still delivers the illusion of space and crispness that an all-white kitchen brings.


There are now applications like Homestyler that allow you to experiment on your computer different dual colour options for your kitchen so you don’t have to be surprised with the final outcome. Pinterest and Houzz are also free sites that allow you to collect ideas of two toned kitchen looks that you can draw inspiration from. Once you have collected your ideas, your next step is sitting down with a good renovation specialist who will be able to provide a thorough consultation for the two toned look you are trying to achieve. It is wise to workshop the possibilities with a renovation specialist so you are in the best position to create the kitchen space that pairs the right colours together and create unique focal points so you achieve the look and feel you are after.

Two Toned Kitchens


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