Getting To Know The Nu-Look Renovations Team

Inviting strangers into your home to work on your renovations project can sometimes be daunting. So we wanted to take the opportunity to let you know a little more about our team and how we operate. Hopefully, it will feel more like inviting people you’ve already met when we come to your home.

The crew are of course a group of professionals but we’re also a group of friends. Most of us have been working together for many years and more often than not it feels more like family than colleagues – there’s plenty of ribbing and jokes you’d expect from a family of blokes!

We’re a great team! We work like wheels in a cog – each person knows what they need to do and how it fits into the whole job. As we’re a full time team with a variety of skillsets we aren’t reliant on contractors or subbies to get the job done. This means we can complete projects on time and achieve better results for our clients. 

Matt, our head honcho, is the ringmaster. He trusts each person to get on with their part of the job. He knows he can rely on their experience, knowledge and attention to detail. More often than not, you’ll see (and hear) Matt on the phone discussing details of a job with one of the boys. We’re all working to a common goal – the best possible outcome for our clients. 

here’s also a lot that goes on offsite to keep the team happy.

Of course there’s the administration of the business and making sure the crew get paid on time but we also do regular training. Keeping up to date with the latest industry standards such as asbestos awareness is crucial and recently we completed our first aid training (just in case) through ACTWell First Aid Training. These guys really know what they’re talking about when it comes to providing first aid.

For tradies like our team the strength and resilience of our bodies is crucial for our livelihood. So we provide funding and time off for our team to attend appointments with a professional massage therapist. This way they get to proactively deal with any issues and get tips for strengthening their bodies. We even had time out this year for our inaugural annual golf day down at the Capital course. It was a great fun seeing some of the tee offs.

You’d think that spending all day together at work would be enough. Off site the team is getting together for other activities. There’s been a “fathers & sons” camping trip and in just the last 6 months two of the guys recently got married. You’ll love the photos of us in our finery. 

Well that’s it! Hopefully this gives you a bit of an insight into our team. At heart we’re just a group of people who love what we do and the team we get to do it with. We hope you have a great Christmas and a safe holiday break! 


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