Future Proof Your Bathroom Without Sacrificing Style

There’s no doubt that investing in a bathroom renovation will add value to your home. However the design and style of your bathroom really needs to stand the test of time, particularly if you plan on selling your home or growing your family.

Once the renovation is over, you’ll be living with the final result for some time to come, so spend time thinking about how you envisage your future bathroom and if it will suit your style, design and colour palette into the future.

Plan ahead during the initial stages of your renovation by considering how you will future proof your bathroom without sacrificing style. Here are three things to consider along the way.

Future-proofing tip #1: Working with a small bathroom

If your bathroom is small or oddly-shaped, considering remodeling the room to include only a shower, instead of both a bath and shower. Yes, it’s lovely to soak in a nice warm bath after a long day, however when you’re working with limited space, it may be wise to focus on what’s best for the future style of your bathroom.

If your young family has flown the nest, then consider installing a double shower which will be convenient for older members of family and will also go towards adding that ‘wow factor’ to the room.

Future-proofing tip #2: Consider your carbon footprint

Energy efficiency is key when you think about future proofing your bathroom and given that there are so many ways in which we can save energy, why wouldn’t we be smart about it in the bathroom as well? The obvious benefits include saving on your heating and electricity bills, however if you make some bold design decision, you’re likely to have aesthetically pleasing results as well.

Do you have the option of installing high windows to increase natural ventilation and add more natural light into the room? Including a skylight will give a lovely warm feeling to your bathroom as well as go towards reducing the need for switching on lights while you’re in there.

If skylights aren’t an option, invest in some LED lights that that can be used in ceiling lights or downlights to add ambient lighting for character and appeal. There are also options for wall lights that can be useful in bathrooms with a minimalist style and look great on either side of a mirror.

Future-proofing tip #3: Be kind to yourself and choose easy to clean materials

Let’s be honest, no one really enjoys cleaning their bathroom, so when it comes to making decisions that affect your future bathroom, this one is a must. Give yourself more time to do the things you love by investing in materials that are easy to clean.

Here are some neat ideas:

  • Choose solid surfaces so that you don’t have to spend time scrubbing mould and scum from grout lines.

  • If you’re going for a minimalist tile look then go with a paint that has a high resistance to mildew.

  • Consider installing coating your glass shower doors with specially-formulated products that help to repel water and soap scum making it easier and simpler to clean those pesky glass doors.

If you do decide to make some changes to your bathroom it really is imperative that you do some forward planning and consider all design and style elements so that your bathroom remains contemporary for as long as possible. After all, who really wants to renovate their bathroom every season when the style changes?For inspiration, head on  over to our gallery  of before and afters to see how we have helped our clients create the bathroom of their future dreams.



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