Creating The Perfect Master Ensuite

With more homeowners choosing to renovate to suit their lifestyles rather than move houses, one area getting a lot of attention is the master ensuite. What better way to improve your personal living space, especially in households with kids, than to update a bedroom to include a luxurious master ensuite?

Today we explore a few ways to create the perfect functional master ensuite where it’s large enough to relax in and still easy to clean.


Creating a master ensuite is achievable in most homes. If you’re aiming for a “luxury escape” feel, you really should be aiming for a spacious area to plan your ensuite so you can have the pampering you want – like installing a free-standing bathtub and vanity basin. A master ensuite is still achievable with less space for a more cosy but still functional and personal feeling room.

It may take some creativity, but you may be able to identify one of many formations from looking at your existing floor plan and highlighting rooms that are no longer being used or that can be made smaller to accommodate for an ensuite. Maybe you have a large sized bedroom that is not being fully utilised and if resized, can fit an ensuite? Perhaps you have two adjoining bedrooms – where simply knocking down the wall between the two rooms can give you     the option of creating a master retreat with ensuite. There are a number of configurations that are possible if you think outside the box and are willing to undertake structural changes to your floorplan.


Not every home has the luxury of added space and you want your master ensuite to be functional, not crammed and uncomfortable. If you’re working with a small area for the master ensuite but still want to create an area that is more than just for the washing and showering routine, then there are a few ways to create the illusion of space.

Few things open a room up more than the combination of choosing a neutral colour scheme and designing for ample light. Choosing white tiling to adorn the walls has the advantage of making an ensuite bathroom feel spacious and modern.

Utilise any opportunity to increase natural lighting through opting for large windows or incorporating a skylight, as well as exploring lighting options on the market such as spotlights and LED lighting to create an airy ambience and also allow you to set the right mood for the room.

Exposing the floor is also a great design trick to create the appearance of more space. This can be achieved through opting for wall-hung fittings such as toilets and vanity units that allow room underneath so you can see the floor. It’s all about getting the scale and proportion right, where balance should be prioritised when working with a compact space.


There’s a lot to consider when planning a master ensuite and it can be overwhelming with all the different combination of elements – cabinetry, basins, toilet, bath and shower. Like most things, less is more when it comes to bathrooms and having everything stripped back can give your master ensuite a sleek and minimalistic feel. Investing in fittings and accessories that are high-quality and ensure longevity will help make the space feel even more special. There’s also the added advantage to the resale value of your home.


To achieve a level of continuity with the master bedroom, try to include some features and a similar palette as you see in the master bedroom. Creating a unified space for your master suite can be achieved in a number of ways. It may be through selecting furniture in the ensuite that complements pieces in the bedroom such as a vanity that uses the same materials as a bedroom’s cabinetry. You can also link the bed and bathroom spaces by choosing similar colour schemes – whether that’s choosing towels, candles, toothbrush holders and soap dishes that match the wall colours or linen used in the bedroom.

You can get quite creative with the options available in demonstrating the same decorating style used in both rooms through featuring similar materials used in fittings such as the knobs and handles in the cabinetry, tapware and tower rail. It all comes down to reflecting your individual style so you don’t end up with a room that looks like it could be in a magazine, but doesn’t reflect your personality and taste at all.


While aesthetics play a strong role in defining a master ensuite, there needs to be some room in the planning for getting the practical considerations right. As it is generally a larger space than your typical bathroom, it’s essential that you use a renovation company that has experienced and qualified electricians and plumbers so the lighting and drainage is completed to code. What can be a dream retreat space can easily become a nightmare if functionality is overlooked.

If you live in an area where temperatures do drop below 0°C like the ACT, then you may want to consider installing an under-tile heating system or heated towel rails to make the time spent in your ensuite even more comfortable. Given that ensuites are usually smaller spaces requiring less tiles and towel rails than a home’s main bathroom, these little luxuries are generally more affordable too.

Finally, plan for hiding all pipes and electrical wiring, utilise any available ceiling or underfloor space so that the master ensuite is as spacious as can be and to avoid any overcrowding.


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