Broken-Plan Kitchens – What They Are And How You Can Create One

Many homeowners are moving away from open plan living and are embracing broken-plan kitchens that create a barrier with the rest of the living area without completely cutting them off. With subtle zoning, a broken-plan layout gives you the privacy you are looking for in different rooms without compromising on lightness and openness. Here are Nu-Look’s four ways to create a broken-plan kitchen.


Ideal for entertaining, achieving a broken-plan kitchen involves physically dividing a kitchen and dining area through things like different floor finishes, mezzanines, half walls and shelving. You can retain the same spacious feel as an open plan kitchen yet still have a level of separability from the dining and living areas. To achieve this careful balance of connectivity between zones and distinct spaces requires some careful planning, the final look is both spatial and sociable.


One simple solution to create a broken-plan kitchen, living and dining area is by introducing a low or half height wall. Without interrupting the sightlines or flow, a half-wall can bring in practical elements like a breakfast bar and give an excuse for additional seating through bench stools. The combined area also allows for conversations and better traffic flow. A half-wall is also highly practical for retaining a visual block from a messy kitchen after cooking, so you can enjoy a meal with family and guests.


If you’re lucky enough to say your home has more than enough storage, your most definitely in the minority! For most people, storage is always in short supply. A dividing shelf can give an effortless transition into spaces and is a great way to show off antiques, collectibles and homewares that are otherwise hidden behind closed cabinetry. By using open shelving to divide the kitchen and dining area, free passage of light can exist and also allow for the privacy needed, such as kids doing their homework while you can continue with your own agenda.


A broken-plan kitchen is about bringing more character into a home and there is no better way to do this than by including a tall fireplace. A large open-plan living area can be neatly divided through an addition of tall fireplace between a kitchen a living room and keep the line of sight between the two spaces. You can enjoy the upgrade over winter where after a grinding day at work, you can snuggle at the fireplace while during summer it becomes a lovely talking point and centrepiece.


You can keep the sense of space as with an open-plan layout and achieve cohesion in the kitchen design by connecting the spaces with colour and furniture. As an example, you may decide to use similar looking cabinetry, such as open shelving in the kitchen and in the living room. Another example of maintaining interconnectedness is by using the colour in a kitchen splashback and visually linking this by adopting the same colour in the dining area on a feature wall. You can also create an aesthetically striking way to link the spaces by adopting the same flooring. This creates a clean and continuous appearance.

If you want to explore the different options for a broken-plan kitchen, contact Nu-Look today and we can walk through with you this design trend and the options available to you in your current home.

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