Bathroom Styling 101

For most of us, the bathroom is the first room we go to when we wake up and the last room we’re in before retreating to the bedroom. While it can be one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, there are some styling tips to make your space feel luxe without spending a small fortune. A little styling goes a long way as we will explore in Bathroom Styling 101.


If your bathroom is to be transformed into a sanctuary or a pamper-zone, clutter needs to be removed through stylish storage options. Bathroom shelving doesn’t need to be the lifeless and dull “standard” medicine cabinet. Why not consider floating shelves, freestanding units or splash out on bespoke vanity shelving or take a look at one of the many slick mirrored cabinetry options out there. If you’re opting for open shelving, a really simple solution to keep the space looking chic is to transfer your shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap and moisturiser into non-branded, neutral bottles in complementary colours and styles. You can also incorporate coordinating storage baskets which hide the clutter while still giving you easy access to the things you need.



There are a surprising number of creative directions you can make in a bathroom to keep it from looking bland. Choose pieces that reflect your style, personality and taste. Whether it is a simple garden stool, a tufted ottoman or an antique chair, adding different seating elements can add loads of character to a bathroom space if you have the room to work with. Don’t neglect your walls as a potential space for showing off an artwork to inject some colour and texture into a space. Mirrors also dress up a wall and come in a variety of styles and shapes while also improving the sense of size and lighting in the bathroom. If you have a tiny bathroom, an oversized mirror above the vanity can help make it feel more spacious and you can bring cohesion between elements by tying the texture used on the mirror frame to match faucets and other fixtures like light shades.


Hampers are ideal to hide dirty laundry and towels in a bathroom which are a necessary evil with a family. Choose a hamper that is practical for your home and has a winning combination of style and function. Depending on your requirements, you can select from a helpful laundry sorter, laundry hampers with lid or swing cover or laundry baskets. If you have a large family, a rolling hamper will make life easier as opposed to a tiny hamper that will not meet your laundry needs for a day let alone a few! Looking to store your laundry basket on the side of your closet or in a tiny nook in your bathroom? For a bathroom on the smaller side, opt for a tall, thin hamper keep the room tidy and in order.


Mixing textures such as marble, metallics and timber is what keeps things interesting in the bathroom, improving the overall look and feel when you get it right. You can mix textures with your flooring, walls and with decorations, saving it from looking one-dimensional and flat. What should guide your decision for textures is your choice of color scheme and whether the textured material will fit. Think of bronze or gold tapware for a warm colour palette or alternatively silver or matte black for a cool undertone bathroom. If you cannot decide, mixed metallics are taking the design world by storm. The contrast and visual interest, whether it’s gold and silver, chrome and brass or copper and steel, will lift an ordinary all-white bathroom to the next level. If the Scandi look is your thing, then you can add a timber vanity or a chunky wooden stool for a decorative accent and spa appeal. If you’re looking to add touches to your existing bathroom, why not consider textured baskets, towels and bath mats to help you achieve the look you’re after.


A hot and steamy bathroom is the perfect environment for many types of greenery to thrive. You can bring life into the bathroom space by either hanging, draping, shelving, multiplying or spotlighting plants. Fiddle Leaf Figs are the plant of choice at the moment in interior styling but any indoor plant you like will help create a sanctuary for your cleansing, beautifying and even reflecting. From the cute and compact to the lush and jungle-like, natural greenery is a perfect contrast to ceramic fixtures and cool tiles. To create balance, it is often better to have two houseplants either of a different species or matching for a more symmetrical design. Always consider the overall decor and size of bathroom, as this can help dictate the size and type of plant that will complement the space. But remember that it’s your space so think outside the square sometimes too! Hanging pots with draping foliage or a tall plant in a beautiful pot in the corner can look stunning if it brings you joy to walk into the room.


No more a neglected room of the house, a stylish bathroom can help you with your daily morning and evening rituals by creating a restful and tranquil sanctuary. If you want more practical styling tips, Nu-Look would love to chat through some design ideas that work in your current bathroom space.




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