Australian Kitchen Design Trends 2017

Are you considering a kitchen renovation this year? There’s no better time than now to start sourcing some fresh inspiration for design ideas and new products that will help transform your space. 2017 is looking to be a year that celebrates the kitchen as the heart of a home, making every effort to create an inviting and social place for the whole household. Here are Nu-Look’s favourite design trends for 2017.


No longer a space exclusively for cooking and eating, kitchens in Australia are continually transforming and now social hubs of a home. Expect this year to see more multifunctional kitchens that reflect the philosophy that kitchens should be versatile and flexible living spaces. Design layouts that encourage communal living in the kitchen are set to become a popular choice in family homes. You’ll be seeing more dining tables as an extension of an island bench, giving enough room for the kids to do their homework while you prepare for the dinner.

It’s also about using products that serve a dual purpose – think island bench that can include a wine cellar underneath! This serves as a type of mini bar when friends and family come to visit. There is no shortage of combinations to make your kitchen a vibrant space, where food, work and friendships can all blossom.


While keeping within the minimalistic trend of the past few years, 2017 is changing it up slightly by embracing the inclusion of subtle shades of colour. A backlash to the “all-white craze” interior designers are experimenting with charcoals and blacks to create a moodier and edgier look.

Choosing black for appliances, splashbacks, lightshades, cabinets and benchtops- if you are tempted to go “all-black” in the kitchen, take note to counter the black with plenty of natural light as black absorbs rather than reflects light. Alternatively, you can choose to balance the look by opting for white for the benchtops and cabinets to achieve the “tuxedo look.” Growing in popularity, the two-toned black and white look highlights interesting architectural details and finishes, as opposed to an “all-white” or “all-black” kitchen where everything recedes into the background.

For those who like a bit of colour, navy blue is making a big comeback as it works so well with white, grey and timber cabinetry or coupled with brass accessories. You can’t go wrong with navy, especially if you are looking to create a classic aesthetic, where the colour looks brilliant paired with dark wood and orange hues.


With modern living creating lifestyles that seem to get busier by the day, many people are realising the need to declutter their lives and this is no less important than in the kitchen. Thankfully, it doesn’t mean getting rid of your beloved bread maker or Thermomix, it’s just about concealing these appliances so you have more bench space to work with. In a move away from open shelving, closed cabinetry helps create a clean and seamless look in the kitchen, where your appliances are tucked away behind closed draws (and doors) so the space feels airy, clean and more spacious. With more kitchen cabinet options being designed to hold appliances, there are many clever storage solutions, like deep drawers, butler pantries or hydraulic cabinets which can be combined for your ideal kitchen layout.


The movement towards convenient cooking isn’t going away anytime soon and so many households are embracing kitchen appliances incorporating advancements in technology to assist in juggling their busy lives. What’s in store for 2017? Smart appliances that can be connected to your WiFi and smart devices allowing you to control them remotely. We’ve all done it, missed that special ingredient or two from your shopping list and you need to go out to get it. But the roast is in the oven. Think an oven which you could remotely monitor for safety and sends you an alert when the cooking has finished or downloading an automation app so you can turn your kettle on for a cup of tea when you are in your car driving back home from work. It’s all about saving time and energy which new ranges of innovative kitchen products are promising to deliver.


You’re going to see more people adding their personal touch this year through their choice of tiles, fixtures and appliances. As people tire of having a kitchen that looks very similar to many others, there will be more experimentation with textures and colour for tiles to make the space feel more “yours”. Subway tiles are looking to take a back seat to mosaics, timber and handmade textured porcelain tiles. For a more sophisticated look, the use of marble for splashbacks will make a return to create more interest and to add contrast with trends in fixtures such as metallic taps and sinks.

For appliances, there are more colour options than ever before so your personal taste can best be reflected. If you don’t want stainless steel appliances – then you now have the option of a matte black for everything – fridge, oven, rangehood and dishwasher creating an elegance and sharpness that is hard to beat. Going all black with your appliances allows you to draw greater attention to your choice of colour and texture for benches, tiles and fixtures, making a style statement that is entirely your own.


Kitchen Trends of 2017


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