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7 Clever Ways To Achieve The ‘wow’ Factor In Your Bathroom Reno

Thursday, December 05, 2019

We all want a bathroom that doesn’t just function well, but makes you smile each time you walk in the door. For many of us though, this dream is FAR from the reality of dated and dreary decor of many older Canberra homes. So to achieve a bathroom upgrade that is not only practical but achieves a luxe look and feel, we need to look at both subtle and bold design features that combine to create a show stopping space. Today we’re sharing 7 trends in bathroom design that can add that ‘wow’ factor in your bathroom reno.


Bathrooms are now considered places of retreat for many people so what better fixture to promote a ‘spa’ like experience than with a shower head that simulates rain. Luxurious and a statement piece for any bathroom, a ceiling mounted rain shower head has a larger diameter than a standard all-directional shower head. Before deciding on this item for your new renovated bathroom, you need to ensure you have the shower space wide enough to allow for the spray of water and it’s also recommended to install a hand shower to get more water pressure and as another option for those times when you don’t want to have the overhead spray.


If you are wanting to open up a bathroom and bathe your bathroom with uninhibited natural light, (and of course enjoy the reputed benefits of improved mood and energy levels that extra exposure to natural light can bring!) a skylight on your roof is an obvious choice. If adding a window to your bathroom would cause privacy or even just practical installation issues, a skylight gives you the same benefits, including the illusion of space. They are also an eco-friendly solution to light your space and save energy and can be fixed or can be retractable to improve ventilation (which is always a good thing for a bathroom!).


A bespoke concrete basin is becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms. Whatever the colour or shape you fancy, there is broad appeal for an industrial-chic concrete sink. A concrete basin, when paired with natural timbers and brass or metal fixtures becomes a real design statement and feature of the room. A pop of colour in the bathroom is a natural progression from an all white bathroom and gives the space something unique, adding to the organic, retreat style feel.


Whether for an ensuite or for the main bathroom, a dark statement wall has the potential to draw the eye and create interest in an otherwise all white bathroom. A black or dark feature wall helps to frame another statement piece you may have in your bathroom, like a standalone bathtub or highlight your marble vanity. It’s a great solution if you’re drawn to darker colours but don’t want to overwhelm the space. One very important consideration if you’re thinking about this option is to make sure you have a good source of natural light or you might just end up with the space feeling too small and cave like. It is also stunning for a shower wall when paired with gold or brass tapware.


Mirrors of all types can work in a bathroom but a backlit mirror mounted on a dark statement wall takes it up a notch for statement pieces. While oblong and rectangular mirrors look good when lit from behind, oval shapes look particularly stunning and will give your bathroom a 5-star upgrade. It’s a clever way to introduce task lighting and the softer lighting also enhances the look of your vanity. They are versatile for any wall type where LED mirrors can be environmentally friendly with copper-free backing.


Showers can just be as relaxing as a soak in the bathtub if they have the right features in place for comfort and convenience. A walk-in shower benefits from an inbuilt or standalone shower bench so you can sit down in the shower. Whether it’s a footrest for leg-shaving or to keep toiletries at hand. Look for stools made from moisture-resistant materials, such as teak, bamboo, or resin so they can withstand the years of showering.


A white on white bathroom is the epitome of classic, clean and cool. This timeless look can be achieved through a combination of tiles, tapware and/or fixtures. A big advantage of this neutral choice is the ease with which you can add a pop of colour - towels and bathmats swapped out very affordably when you feel like a change of colour scheme. Dimension and visual interest can be added by incorporating different textures and patterns. It may be a shiny white subway tiled shower wall against a marble floor or a herringbone feature wall against a white ceramic bathtub. White paints have much variation so you can opt for a white that is warm in undertone or a cool white depending on your taste, the size of the room and the other fixtures you’re using. It really comes down to your personal preference and avoiding a dramatic contrast with the other white elements so you keep a simple and sophisticated look throughout the space.

Are you convinced your bathroom reno needs the special ‘wow’ factor. At Nu-Look we love to create bathrooms that are unique and are just right for our client’s lifestyle and preferences. Chat with us today so we can help create the bathroom sanctuary that meets both your design and function specifications.

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