6 Simple Steps To Finding The Perfect Kitchen Colour Palette

Tired of looking at the same drab colour scheme in your kitchen? If you’re considering a kitchen renovation and want to embrace a new colour palette, we’ve got some great tips so you don’t end up with an over the top colour bombshell or a bland and lifeless looking space. Whether it’s simple or stunning you are after, today we’re sharing 6 simple steps to finding the perfect kitchen colour palette.


When embarking on selecting the right colour scheme for your new kitchen a great place to start is with the cabinets. Cabinets comprise around 40% of the visual space in your kitchen and they are usually one of the most costly items – often taking up half of your kitchen renovation budget. The cabinet colour is the foundation for your future colour choices in the kitchen space, so it’s vital that you find a colour and texture that suits the style and personality of the rest of your home (not to mention something that you LOVE!). When it comes to design choices, the possibilities are almost endless – whether you prefer streamlined cabinets with modern straight lines or something a little more decorative you can embrace contrast with handles in different styles, textures, materials and colours to bring it all together.


While choices used to be limited to white, black and stainless steel for kitchen appliances, they now come in a host of colours to suit just about everyone. If you have already chosen a colour for cabinets, you need to consider how to achieve a cohesive look with your appliances. Adding some interest into a classic kitchen with white cabinetry can be achieved by opting for a brighter hue such as blue or red for the ovens and small appliances that will be kept on your benchtop. For a modern and chic look, choosing the same colour (or tone) for your appliances as your cabinets can help the area look carefully put together. A monochrome kitchen makes a strong style statement, allowing your choice of details to take centre stage, whether it’s sleek black cabinets, metallic lighting or a stunning black appliance lineup.


While countertops materials are something that often come down to personal preference, they are a critical element for visual harmony in your kitchen space so it’s not a decision to be rushed. When choosing your material, practical considerations are just as important as the visual impact they provide. Stainless steel countertops are gaining more traction in recent years after being popular in commercial kitchens for their heat and bacteria resistant surface but it’s not a look that suits every space and taste. Wooden benches are a classic for a reason and perfectly suit a traditional or country styled kitchens, and you have a number of timber types and colours to choose from so you can get just the right look for your kitchen space. If you’re looking for a countertop that is on the more glamorous side, then you can’t beat a marble look with its distinctive veining and luminous feel that fits into a modern feeling kitchen beautifully.


While kitchen floors are heavily trafficked and need to be durable and moisture resistant, you still have plenty of practical and aesthetically pleasing flooring options in the way of materials, patterns and finishes. One of the easiest ways to pick the colour is by looking at the adjoining rooms to determine what works and what doesn’t. Wood flooring (or floating flooring depending on your budget and home style) is one of the most versatile surfaces, bringing warmth and texture to a kitchen and works just as well in a period home as in a house that is more sleek and modern. Another popular kitchen flooring option which also shares a natural look are stone tiles, where either granite, marble or limestone can add the ‘wow’ factor to a kitchen renovation. Their neutral hues also makes it easy to mix and match with other of your kitchen elements. Another option that’s becoming increasingly popular is linoleum tiles. A far cry from the 60s lino floors you’re likely familiar with, these practical and cost effective “tiles” are available in a wide range of colours and looks to suit every home.


Kitchens occupy a central space in a home and when remodelling, you want to create an area that is warm and inviting. The colour of walls should not be one of those forgotten elements when defining the overall colour scheme. Walls play a crucial role in setting the mood and when it does go wrong- it can be quite noticeable even if it is almost hidden by cabinets, backsplash and shelving. Again, sticking to neutrals is your best bet, either white, black, cream or grey pairs beautifully with an array of colours. You can also use the same colour for your walls as your cabinetry so there is a seamless finish, where navy and British racing green look stunning when creating a classic English kitchen. Stick to the same paint colour for all open walls and adjoining living room walls if you have an open kitchen. It is difficult to contrast well and you want to create a crisp, clean look which doesn’t take attention away from the elements that should be featuring, like splashback, countertops and shelving.


If up until this point, you have decided to go with a fairly neutral colour scheme, you can really have some fun with the fixtures. We know that the wow factor is often found in the details and elements like taps, cabinet handles and lighting fixtures so choosing items that can really pop against a white, black or grey background is not something to overlook. Metallics are very popular right now and precious metals like silver or gold when introduced into your interior design scheme will not only add visual intrigue, but will make the space brighter and infuse it with class (but it’s easily overdone so restraint is key here!). Metallic pendant lights over a kitchen island will make a contemporary eat-in kitchen look even more inviting and when paired with a similar hue for kitchen stools, helps bring a uniqueness to a kitchen space that is unforgettable for home entertaining.

Selecting the right colour palette for your kitchen will determine whether you are happy with the final finished product not just now, but into the future. At NuLook we want to see customers choose the best kitchen colours that suit their personal taste while remaining on trend for years to come. We’d love to have a chat with you to answer any questions you have to achieve a winning colour palette for your kitchen remodel.


6 Steps to Finding the Perfect Kitchen Colour Palette


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