5 Ways To Create A Geometric Feature Wall

If you love the idea of creating an eye catching, mesmerising focal point in your home, then the addition of a feature wall that incorporates geometric shapes is a simple, but effective solution. All you really need is one fabulous feature wall in a space to make a statement and now there are so many ways to achieve a unique look. While taking on a modern flavour, many homeowners are drawing inspiration from interior design techniques that were popular in the 20th century. Here are 5 different ways to create a geometric feature wall.


Once considered a relic of the 1970s, wallpaper is fast becoming a common “go-to” for many home renovators with many interior designers choosing to use it as a weapon of choice to add a little something special to a space. New and innovative designs have been made possible with advancements in digital design so you can now choose high quality geometric wallpaper for your feature wall.

Whether you’re after a distinctive pattern or playful accents, geometric designs come in a variety of colour schemes that will make any room look organised and stylish. Perfect if you like to frequently change a room’s aesthetics, many of today’s wallpapers have been created using non-woven technology which can be stripped off in large sheets unlike older wallpapers that can be extremely difficult to remove. If you are worried about recreating the overwhelming patterned look very common in 1970s wallpapered rooms – don’t. Instead, opt to use a geometric wallpaper on one wall only and leave the others in a more neutral colour.


It’s easy to get tired of white walls everywhere in your house, that’s why many homeowners are using wall decals to brighten up a space and create some     interest in their homes. You may have seen the wall stickers featured in popular home renovation shows like The Block or House Rules – partly because wall decals are easily removable without ripping your paint off so you can change things up regularly if you choose to. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, a geometric printed wall can easily be achieved by using either polka dots, triangles, diamonds (you name it!) in a repeated pattern. Whether it’s creating a pop art feel in a children’s bedroom or to frame furniture in a living room, wall decals can look smart and tailored if you stick to one colour and keep the pattern consistent.


A low cost option, painting a geometric feature wall is a simple and creative way to add some colour to a space. To get your creative juices flowing be sure to check out Pinterest, Houzz and home interior magazines for design inspiration.

As clean lines and bold colours are becoming more on trend it’s no surprise that many modern home renovators are turning to the chic 1920s Art Deco interior design for geometric motifs to recreate.

An easy, albeit potentially time-consuming DIY is to use painter’s tape to outline a geometric design that features sharp lines and symmetry to create a feature wall. Once you remove the painters tape the effect is usually pretty stunning! If that sounds like a bit too much work you can always engage the services of a professional painter who can do the job for you. Whichever option you choose, the result will bring character and charm to any room of the house.


Tiles are a great option to create a feature wall that commands attention. If you have particular taste, the options are endless with a huge selection of different textures, shapes, colours and groupings available on the market. With such an aesthetic range to suit from, you have full creative control to achieve a bold or an understated design.

In terms of functionality, wall tiles are always a fashionable choice, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms as they are easy to maintain while also providing a surface that is strong and resilient to heat and cold. A space, like a simple shower interior can be completely transformed by adding a repeat pattern in a classy way such as a herringbone design or a basket wave look. To create more intrigue, a 3D tile is a great way of creating texture and will turn any feature wall into a modern work of art.


Far from being an outdated design feature of the 1960s, wood panelling is making a comeback to offer a facelift to interior walls that are looking a bit unloved and dare we say too “beige.” There is a backlash by many homeowners who are bored with their interiors and are looking to create a beautiful finish so wood panelling provides a textural element to a space, exemplified in its use on a feature wall.

Depending on the style you are wanting to achieve, wood panels can run vertically, horizontally or on an angle. Surprisingly, wood panelling can be quite versatile in accommodating for different interior design styles. For example, if you want a Scandinavian feel you can opt for a wood in pale natural colours that looks distressed and faded.

In an open planned living area, using your feature wall is an innovative way to create a zone for the dining area, where the space can be made more distinct by choosing a contrasting colour to the kitchen. Georgian or Regency style floor to ceiling panelling is also growing in popularity as it can create some interest in a room with limited space and again can help zone an open planned living area.

Geometric prints are taking over home interiors, with geometric walls popping up everywhere. If you are looking for some artistic expression in your home     as part of your kitchen or bathroom remodel, Nu-Look would love to catch up for a free consultation and discussion about how your design ideas can be turned into a reality.


Geometric Feature Walls


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