5 Ways To Create A Focal Point In The Bathroom

There are so many details to a bathroom but when it comes to renovating, it’s easy to get distracted with the minutiae and end up with a design without a focal point. Rather than having lots of elements competing for attention, designing with a main feature that not only creates interest but also keeps the space unified will deliver a contemporary and clean look you’re sure to love. Here are Nu-Look’s 5 ways to create a focal point in the bathroom.



Coming a long way from its cast iron days, many contemporary bathrooms inspired by TV renovation shows are featuring the freestanding bathtub as a statement piece. With a variety of shapes, sizes and colours available, take the time to carefully select the right bath to suit the layout of the space and the overall feel you’re going for. For the ultimate showstopper, pair with a freestanding tap and provide plenty of space for this scene-stealing feature. Providing ample space around your standalone tub also makes it much easier to clean and should lessen any concerns about the practical upkeep of this     fixture.


Choosing the right vanity for your bathroom requires both careful planning and an eye for detail so you can create the perfect combination of sinks, tapware, benchtops and storage. There are so many options on the market, from freestanding vanities that include under sink storage and/or drawers – even then you can choose designs with legs so you can clean under them or one that is tiled in. If you have the space to allow, a double sink vanity is a popular choice for families suitable for both master bathrooms and ensuites. Floating vanities are becoming increasingly common for their aesthetic appeal and the advantage of making the bathroom feel much bigger than it is. However there are practical considerations to making a floating vanity work. Your plumber will need to know the size of the vanity and the necessary height and width measurements so that they can assess whether there is sufficient plumbing points in the ground and wall space for water and waste pipes to be installed. You’ll also need to consider how much storage you require in the bathroom so that the style of your floating vanity supports a clutter-free space.


Framed or frameless? Single or multiple? Round or rectangle? Mirrors are making a big comeback in bathroom renovations and are even becoming the star attraction rather than just something that’s just an essential component. To guide home owners in their decision for the size, style and position of the mirror a helpful rule is to consider proportionality in relation to the vanity. A common approach is to make the mirror exactly as wide as the vanity so the two line up perfectly and create balance. If you have a wide vanity, particularly one with multiple sinks, you have the option to use multiple mirrors or one single mirror wide enough to accommodate both. To create an open look to the space, the more height you can get with your mirror the better, since it will provide more viewing angles. Ultimately the choice comes down to personal preference.


If you want to use your shower as a focal point a simple way is by introducing a feature wall. Modern tiles come in a staggering array of stunning, vibrant and classic designs so you’re spoilt for choice in finding something perfect. As more homeowners are interested in creating a bathroom retreat, many renovators are choosing tiles that complement a natural décor such as limestone and marble. A neutral palette can be livened up by introducing a patterned or geometric tile that creates a subtle yet deluxe look. When paired with frameless showerless screens, so the shower area does not become a distraction from the overall retreat design, you’ll have a calming yet striking space that is perfect to unwind and refresh in.


Bathrooms have stuck with a relatively similar approach to lighting over the years but a truly eye-popping space will take advantage of, and call attention to, the natural light sources of your bathroom. While small windows come with their own set of advantages, a large window that lets in the surrounding nature can completely change the look of the space and ambience inside. For a day spa feel and to capitalise on views, install floor to ceiling windows and to ensure privacy, add shades, a glass tint or situate where the surrounding area is enclosed from public view.

If you want to bring in the wow factor into your bathroom renovation, feel free to chat to one of our Nu-Look consultants today and we can workshop the variety of ways of creating a stylish space.


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