5 Tips For A Clutter Free Bathroom

If you’ve been watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix series lately, you’ll agree that removing clutter in our homes can have a transformative effect. Clutter clouds the mind and if you are wanting a bathroom that operates as a haven, you need to find ways to reduce the visual chaos. As one of the busiest rooms of the house, especially in the mornings, creating a clear space that is functional yet stylish is important for many homeowners. Here are 5 tips for a clutter free bathroom.


A clean benchtop surface makes your bathroom seem larger (something that’s especially important when your bathroom is on the smaller side!) and makes it a more relaxing space to be in. Including recessed cupboards near the vanity helps you to keep your benchtop surface clear of bathroom accessories and toiletries and ensures that everything has a home. Alternatively, you can always utilise any spare space in the walls for recessed cabinets and create niche shelving, such as next to the toilet or bathtub or even in the shower. If you have more space to play with, you can opt for a double vanity, capitalising on the opportunity to double the base cabinet space that can be a mix of both open and closed shelving.



Flexible storage solutions is just as important in the bathroom as in other rooms of the home. Mirrors with cupboards built in behind them provides significant amounts of storage and is ideal for serving as a medicine or shaving cabinet. Recessing these cabinets into the wall helps to create a streamlined look where the mirror doors are almost flush with the walls. For added convenience, try choosing a model that comes with adjustable shelves so you can vary the height depending on your changing storage requirements.



You can add more order and functionality in your bathroom by making use of the area above and around the toilet. To optimise square-footage, try installing floating shelves above your toilet, creating a bountiful space to stash bathroom linens, extra toilet rolls or even cleaning supplies hidden in baskets. If you are wanting tiles on your toilet wall, installing shelves on tile is more difficult drilling job than if it were drywall, so be careful to select the right size and type of tile bit for your drill or consider a freestanding unit if you want something less permanent. For a more pared-down look, consider installing a towel rack and shelf hybrid above the toilet for a convenient spot to display decorative towels.



For all the Marie Konda fans, we now know that the secret to keeping a space tidy and in order is to use containers for all those miscellaneous items so they don’t just end up in a messy pile in a drawer or cabinet. Bathrooms are no exception, with everything from makeup to toilet paper needing to be organised. De-clutter and de-stress with storage containers that come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. If you are looking for something more classic and a versatile storage solution, a wooden ladder shelf is a great decorative item for hanging magazines, towels and displaying greenery.



Hidden bins are a must-have for modern bathroom makeovers and they can be used for waste, recycling or even for sorting out your laundry. Installing a hideaway bin into your vanity can keep your bathroom tidy and more hygenic, and fit behind a drawer, cupboard, or even under a basin. If you want to combine your bathroom and laundry, introducing a sorting system with a soft close laundry hamper teamed with storage space is a convenient solution to keep dirty laundry out of sight and some additional shelving for clean linen. While you are in the sorting mood, drawer dividers can create mini zones for random bathroom items so everything is easily locatable when in a rush.

If you are wanting a bathroom that is tidy and in order, Nu-Look is happy to workshop with you some of the latest bathroom storage solutions so you can have that bathroom allows you to rest and support your lifestyle needs.


Clutter Free Bathrooms


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