5 Innovative Kitchen Ideas For Small Kitchens

With the ongoing trend of downsizing and opting for smaller homes, kitchens are also shrinking. There’s just one problem: How are you going to fit everything in your tiny kitchen? With some clever planning, and utilising the same efficiency, style and organisation seen in larger kitchens you can get the most out of the available space in the busiest room in the house. Here are 5 innovative kitchen ideas for small kitchens.


A functional pantry is a necessity in any kitchen, regardless of size. Faced with compact storage needs, make the most out of narrow spaces in smaller kitchens by installing vertical pull-out shelving units that double your storage area, so you have a place for dry goods and other pantry items. Built-in shelving that is customized to the objects you need to store overcomes the battle of pantry disorganization and can make or break your space – think about what YOU store, rather than sticking to the standard sizing if it’s not right for you. Why not consider creating a deeper pantry with racks on the doors, perfect for keeping spice containers and other dry goods easily accessible?


An all-in-one kitchen island can bring many benefits to a small space, anchoring the space, providing a new eating area, extra workspace and many storage options. With drawers and shelves underneath and on the sides of your unit, a kitchen island is a great solution to contain clutter from your small space, storing dishes, produce, cooking supplies and utensils in a central location. Adding an island may seem counterintuitive in a tight kitchen because it will take up more floor space but its multifunctional design, can give your small kitchen the flexibility it needs.



Hanging storage can fill the gap if you have insufficient drawer and cabinet space. Whether it’s hanging good quality pots and pans, cutting boards, or anything else you can think of to keep counters free, it’s a great alternative to consider for smaller kitchens. Hanging items using adhesive hooks, installed hardware or over-the-door racks will free up usable space and make your kitchen feel more organized and accessible. There are many innovative products such as wall mounted shelves, or a rod attached to your splashback where you can hang items that you use on a daily basis perfect for utensils and even planters.


Kitchen cabinets can have a large amount of wasted space, where it can be difficult to reach objects at the end of shelves. The best solution is pull-out drawers for smarter storage! You can use hidden drawers to install pull-out bins, keeping garbage and recycling easy to access and out of the way. If you don’t want small appliances on your kitchen bench but like the convenience of a coffee maker for example, refitting a small cupboard with a pullout base gives you enough storage space for cups, beans and pods while also adding your own slide-out coffee counter. You can also include a utility drawer to charge your smartphone and tablets when you have run out of power points in your kitchen and want clear counters.


Countertop space is premium in a functional kitchen. When addressing a lack of workspace availability in a small kitchen, you can get creative with pull-out work spaces as they provide the space you need only when you need it. Tucked away into the tightest of spaces, a hidden chopping board pull-out for example can give you a nice increase in workspace that doesn’t clutter your minimal space. The great thing about pull-out counters is that they can be completely concealed when they aren’t in use and blend with your chosen cabinetry.

A kitchen normally lasts 15 years or longer and that is why your final design needs to be adaptable and easily accommodate for future needs. If you want     to make your small kitchen more efficient, Nu-Look can workshop these ideas and others, so your kitchen can outperform your functional requirements.


5 Innovative Kitchen Ideas For Small Kitchens


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