10 Ideas For The Perfect Pantry

Pantries are one part of the kitchen that often don’t get given enough thought when planning a renovation or buying a new home. Until the first time you realise you can’t find what you need or something goes out of date because it’s been jammed right up in the back corner.

Today we’re looking at some things to consider when designing the perfect pantry. Bear in mind that what’s perfect for you, may not work for someone else!

Idea #1: Ensure you have space for everything
It seems kind of obvious, but the first step to planning a perfect pantry is taking a realistic inventory of what you want to keep in there. Just food? Or appliances that don’t get used everyday too? What about those serving platters that only come out for special occasions? If you want them to have a home in the pantry you’ll need to think about exactly how they’ll fit.

Idea #2: Consider drawers rather than shelving
There are some things in a pantry that would be much easier accessed if they were in drawers. Plus it reduces the chances of forgetting if something is there when you can easily pull out and see all the contents at a glance. This type of solution is great for veggies like potatoes and onions which need to be stored in cool dark spaces.

Idea #3: Don’t immediately rule out a walk in pantry due to lack of space
You’d be surprised how much space you’ll actually have on narrower shelves if they’re floor to ceiling. If you’ve got enough room for shelves on both walls and can turn around, you may very well have the space to make it work. On the flip side, don’t let your desire for a walk in rule out other options that would serve you better.

Idea #4: Utilise great storage solutions
There are SO many storage solutions available, there really is something for everyone. Think clear glass jars your dry goods so you can see everything clearly and know when you need to restock. Spice racks on the backs of doors save space and allow you to accumulate a shocking amount of spices! Slide out shelves and baskets make accessing contents easier so you don’t lose things. Take a trip to your local storage shop to check out a huge selection of options.

Idea #5: Don’t make the shelf heights too tall, or too short
If your shelves are too tall chances are you’ve got a lot of wasted space. Too short and you can’t easily see or access things at the back of the shelf – again, a waste. One solution is to have a selection of heights throughout but you can also consider steps on the taller shelves so the things at the back are up higher and can be seen.

Idea #6: You don’t have to hide it away
If your space is lovely or you’re really organised, consider not having a door on your pantry. Not only does it make it easier to access things, the space becomes a feature of the room. 

Idea #7: Consider adding some colour
Adding a nice pop of colour that makes you smile every time you open the door is a great way of introducing colour without it being overbearing in the kitchen itself. A coloured wall at the back or coloured shelves are great options.

Idea #8: Consider a second, smaller pantry too
An additional pull out pantry that is really narrow is a great use of narrow spaces that would otherwise be unused and means you can access those items you use all the time, quickly and easily, especially if it’s positioned close to the stove or preparation area.

Idea #9: Different widths for different items
If you have the space, it can be really helpful to have some narrower shelves on one side of the pantry and deeper ones on the other. Cans, jars etc can be easily on display on one side while larger containers and jars are on the other. Maximise the space you’ve got and everything is easy to find – no more finding random jars from the 90’s.

Idea #10: Make it a space for YOUR needs
Unless you’re designing a kitchen for a house you’re not planning on living in, make your pantry realistic for YOUR needs. There is usually a big difference between how you want to use your kitchen and how you actually use your kitchen and the last thing you want is to have your “dream” pantry that is really pretty unhelpful for the reality. There you have it! 10 ideas to consider if you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation, or even just reworking your existing pantry space. Got ideas but not sure if they’ll actually work? Get in touch for a free consultation with our team and see how Nu Look Renovations can help bring your kitchen dreams to life.

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